SFA Opens Arms To Displaced Students

The hurricane Katrina disaster displaced thousands of residents in Louisiana, leaving them with nowhere to go.

But Katrina has also affected many colleges... forcing students to find other schools to attend.

As of Tuesday, Stephen F. Austin has sixteen displaced students who are now enrolled in courses. Officials say they had to act quickly in order to process these students.

Official college paperwork can't be retrieved just yet so SFA officials h ave to rely on such things as SAT scores, grade reports and personal interviews to make sure these students were in fact attending college.

"We feel like we've made some wise decisions and sometimes you have this kind of a disaster you have to think quick on your feet, and you have to make the decision that's right for the student at that particular time. And I feel very comfortable with the procedures we have in place, that we did what was right." says Monique Cossich, Executive Director of Enrollment at SFA.

To make things easier for the students, the university waived late registration and admissions fees. Since SFA is a state university, they can't waive tuition, but financial aid and scholarships are available.