Red Cross And FEMA Both Have Phone Numbers For Evacuees To Call For Help

The Red Cross is changing the way it will handle disaster relief requests from those needing help. The Red Cross had been meeting evacuees face to face if they needed financial assistance.  Now, all evacuees must call a toll free phone number to get that money.

"It's a national database that will have everyone's information in there. And it's a way to track better, to get a hold of the situation." says Glenna Harkness with the Red Cross.

FEMA also has a phone number set up to help get the process rolling for those who need disaster assistance.  The agency has been swamped with calls.

"It was a massive event that took place in the Gulf states and we are experiencing huge volumes of calls. So we're asking people to call at odd hours... they may have a better chance of getting through." says Laird Basehour with FEMA.

If approved, FEMA is giving emergency relief checks in the amount of two thousand dollars.

The Red Cross is giving out an initial amount of  $360 dollars.