The Love Bugs Are Back

They are a nuisance, and they can make a really big mess. It's hard not to notice all the Love Bugs around East Texas this time of year.

The bugs make annual appearances in May and September. Many of them end up getting splattered on our vehicles.

But why do we just see them twice a year? Experts say it's all partof one big cycle.

"After mating, after the female drags the male around, they go out in the woods, lay eggs in the rotting plant matter, and the larva feeds for many a week and finally pupates and out comes the next generation of adults." says Dr. William Gibbson, and Entomologist at SFA.

The process then starts all over again.

Adult Love Bugs only live for about two weeks, but the larva will grow and develop for weeks on end.

And in case you're wondering why these bugs love cars so much, the adults are attracted to the carbon monoxide produced by vehicle exhaust.