Better East Texas: Will splitting up California solve its problems?

(KTRE) - California has the largest homeless population in the nation, leads the nation in poverty, and performance scores by school-aged children are pretty low. Ironically, the state will have a record rainy-day fund of more than $8 billion, but state critics are fuming at the number of tax increases by state government officials.

So, California will consider a November ballot measure to split into three separate states. Sponsors of the initiative say that the state will be much easier to govern and finances will be managed better if the state were broken up into smaller, equal-population states. But the underlying problem is that California has not been managed well. Revenue has surpassed expectation 3 of the last 4 years, but spending and taxes continue to be out of control.

It is a warning shot to politicians in Texas to carefully manage our state budget. Schools and education must be the priority. Roads and infrastructure come next. But the biggest message is that Texas must live within its means – you can't spend more than you bring in, and what you spend on must deliver results. California may end up as three separate states come November, but even that vote is not a solution if lawmakers aren't responsible.

The prospect of 52 states is intriguing – it would give the population of the California area four more US Senators, which could affect the balance of the parties in Congress. But many problems would also be multiplied by three. Ultimately, if Californians don't elect responsible representatives, it won't matter if they are one state or ten states – they will still be California.

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