Not All Evacuees Have What They Need

The Red Cross has been overwhelmed with donations since Katrina evacuees started making East Texas their new home, but there are still plenty of items on their list of needs - walkers, canes, and other things elderly evacuees could use.

Five residents at Parkwood Place in Lufkin are evacuees from sister nursing homes in Louisiana.

Terri Hutcherson of Parkwood Place said, "We need at least three wheelchairs because there are going to be temporary people and eventually they'll be going back to their facilities in Louisiana."

The list goes on.

Red Cross board member, JoAnn Arnold, said, "We also need toilet tissue, paper towels, napkins, cleaning supplies, adult depends - any type of items for a man or woman - shaving kits, disposable razors, shaving cream, shaving gel."

No matter what is needed or who needs it, all donations should be handled by disaster relief organizations.

"The majority of the items now are at the shelter or you can go to either Goodwill or you can go to the Salvation Army," Arnold said. "Anyone who shows a driver's license showing that they're from one of the zip codes that was hit will have everything furnished to them free by both of these organizations."

And donations from you help these agencies make sure all needs are met, whether they're long-term or just temporary.