The Cost Of Welcoming Evacuees Is High

The cost of security, medical care, and everyday operational expenses at the Pentecostal campground in Lufkin has already added up to about $75,000.

Volunteers serve hundreds of meals daily to evacuees. Luckily, they have some help.

Assistant City Manager Kenneth Williams said, "It's an expensive activity. You've got the Red Cross contributing, you have the Salvation Army contributing, then you have the individual volunteers who are contributing a lot of time and money and donations."

Evacuees are also bringing money to the City of Lufkin, boosting the economy. Taxes at local hotels and motels are being waived for evacuees, so there has also been a loss of revenue.

"The State of Texas has said that they would like to end the shelter part of the operation by October 1. At that time, we'd like to place people in temporary housing such as apartments or homes. So, our goal is October 1 in getting people out of the shelter."

All city and county leaders will provide an estimate to the state of how much they've spent helping evacuees in their area. The state will then submit that information to federal leaders, hoping at least some of the money being spent will eventually be reimbursed.