Katrina Evacuee Is Now A Proud East Texan

There's no shortage of success stories for evacuees now living in East Texas. Trevor Matthews has only been in Lufkin for two weeks, but he's already found a new job and a place to live.

Before Katrina hit, Matthews was a chef at a popular New Orleans restaurant. Now, he's a cook at Woodland Heights Medical Center in Lufkin.

Matthews got the job after word quickly spread around the Pentecostal campground that he was a friendly, hard worker. He's excited about his new job and plans to stick around permanently.

Matthews said, "I ain't with all the procrastinating. I just know to go out and take care of my business - do what I'm supposed to do. Won't nobody give you nothing if you sit down and don't try to get nothing."

Matthews' new co-workers held a fundraiser to help pay for his new uniform.