Prayer Provides Comfort At Memorial Service

President Bush designated Friday as a National Day of Prayer and remembrance for Katrina's victims. A prayer service was held in Nacogdoches outside the American Red Cross shelter. Those who escaped the storm attended. Organizers hope it helps provide comfort and strength to the families of the victims and helps ease the burden of the survivors.

New Orleans resident Wendell Brown had comfort. "I'm just trusting in God. That's all 'cause God the one that brought us here. I didn't bring myself."

And prayers have been answered. Marilyn Spitzfaden of Metairie, Louisiana received transportation by Christ Episcopal preacher Gary Hill. He took her to Slidell, Louisiana to pick up her stranded family. "He was just marvelous. We left here at 6:00 Wednesday and came back at midnight Wednesday and he was just wonderful," she said.

The City of Nacogdoches and SFA sponsored the memorial service. Over 100-evacuees are expected to stay in the shelter over the weekend.