Different Needs At The Lufkin Shelter

by Jessica Cervantez

As evacuees are beginning to find their own homes, shelters are now facing different needs.

Finding a home is the next step for many of the evacuees. That means, they now have different needs.

Laura Popel, the shelter director, said, "They are going back home or finding new homes and they are needing suitcases and luggage for all their belongings."

Evacuees who haven't been able to contact FEMA, are encouraged to keep trying. There is a new FEMA number available 1-800-525-0321. FEMA reps have also been onsite at East Texas shelters offering individual help.

No ones knows exactly how much money each family will receive from FEMA. It depends on their circumstances.

Maria Peraza, a FEMA communications officer, said, "It's on an individual basis, it varies with each household."

It's also difficult to say when the Lufkin shelter will close its doors. Plans are to keep it open as long as its needed. But, the number of evacuees staying at the shelter keeps going down. Less than 100 are still here.