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Baylor Scott & White CEO addresses Temple Chamber of Commerce

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Baylor Scott & White CEO Jim Hinton provided the Temple Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Council an update on the status of health care in Temple.

Hinton spoke about a digital revolution that affects health care and cited companies like Amazon, Netflix and Uber when discussing how technology has changed many industries.

He said Baylor Scott & White is looking for ways to make health care more affordable. He added that 20 percent of Texans do not have health care insurance.

"Everyone of us is going to need to access healthcare and its important that we know how to do it, it's important that we know what kind of responsibilities that we as patients need to be ready for and what we should expect the healthcare system to do for us," said Hinton.

Currently, 35 percent of adults forgo necessary medical treatments each year. 

Baylor Scott & White is actively working to bring that number down.

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