FEMA Representatives Address Evacuee Concerns

by Larry Little

FEMA made a visit to the Lufkin shelter Saturday, hoping to help evacuees get settled after Hurricane Katina displaced them. FEMA representatives were back at the Lufkin shelter visiting with evacuees who haven't received emergency assistance.

Red Cross volunteers say FEMA is trying to get folks out of shelters and inside homes, but you can't get funding to move inside a home until you fill out the paper work correctly. FEMA officials are assessing that information.

"They say if you had put on there you had a house insurance or different things..that's information they are trying to get correct so you can get the assistance that you need for your house you had in New Orleans and areas affected by the hurricane," says Doug Hollond with the Red Cross.

Eric Slougheo says he lost everything when Hurricane Katrina destroyed his New Orleans home, and he's been waiting on his emergency funding for about a week now. He says it is frustrating.

"It gets to me sometimes, I just try to hang in there and keep calm, you know."

He says meeting with FEMA Saturday eased some of his frustrations because he realizes they are working with a lot of people.

"I guess they so tied up -- have so many people, you know. And it's going to take a little longer."

Red Cross volunteers are urging evacuees who are still waiting on FEMA for assistance to contact the agency to make sure you filled out the paperwork properly and provided a correct permanent address.