East Texas Shelters May Soon Close

A special needs shelter closed in Nacogdoches Monday. It's no longer needed as evacuees get into their own places.

State leaders want all shelters to close by October 1st.

Dozens of people are still living at the Pentecostal campground in Lufkin, but Red Cross volunteers plan to find more permanent housing for them.

DETCOG is coordinating the placement of remaining evacuees, but they still need help from you. Furniture and household items, like appliances and kitchen supplies, would make great donations. Landlords and apartment managers are also encouraged to help out.

Glenna Harkness, service center manager for the American Red Cross, said, "FEMA is working with DETCOG to try to get people into housing. We are trying to get people set up in housing so that we are out of the shelter business and so they have their own home and their own places to go to. We're just trying to help get that taken care of, but we'll be here as long as there's a need."

Right now, about 79 evacuees live at the Pentecostal campground in Lufkin. About 76 evacuees live at the C.L. Simon Recreation Center in Nacogodoches.