Hurricane Preparedness List - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Hurricane Preparedness List

Starting now:

        Expect loss of electricity

        Limit/use your supply of frozen foods (2 day max on frozen foods)

        GET PRESCRIPTIONS Filled (2 weeks supply)

        Pet Medications / food

        Have your cars fueled (gas stations will run out)

        Have extra cash available (cash machines will not work)

        Charge cell phones (expect loss of signal)

        Charge computer batteries

        Get cell phone adapter for car to charge cell phones

        Secure - dial up connection - might be last way to communicate

        Let your out-of-town emergency contact know where you will stay for storm

        If you evacuate - what shelter / hotel you are going to

        Secure shelter for pets - most shelters and some hotels will not allow pets

        If you evacuate to shelter - you will have to have PROOF that you live in area WHEN you want to return to your home

Inside home:

        Set your refrigerator at its coldest setting (anticipate power loss) limit opening and do it quickly

        Freeze gallons bottles of water (drain off for expansion) to help keep food cold

        Coolers for food storage when needed

        Fill bathtub for necessities (clean with bleach and seal drain with silicone caulk)

        Extra toilet paper, Perrell hand soap, bucket for collecting water for flushing toilet (limit flushing)

        Water heater can be drained if shortage of water (turn off breaker for water heater)

        Stock heavy duty garbage bags (or vacuum sealed bags)

        Gather important documents in waterproof and safe place - ready if you evacuate

        Insurance Papers (know company's direct and 800 phone number, agents info and what your deductible is

        Take photos of your home inside/outside prior to storm

        Locate flash lights, battery operated TV/radio, battery lanterns - these were great!

        First Aid kit (plus added items diarrhea tabs, children meds, rubbing alcohol, moist toweletts, sunscreen, bug spray etc.)

Outside home:

        Bring in all out door furniture

        Bring in all plants

        Tie down anything you can't bring in

        Secure all items so they don't become flying objects

        Fill propane tanks (have extra filled) - if you loose electricity this may be only means of cooking

        Screened patios - remove 6 ft of panels on each side to allow wind to flow - pull out the tubing in frame

        Outside/inside parking of vehicle as close to garage door

        Allow easy emergency exit from garage


        Drill - charge batteries

        Secure hurricane shutters if you have or plywood for windows

Non-Perishable Food

        Powdered milk, evaporated milk or parmalat milk

        Canned meats/fish (tuna, ham etc)

        Canned fruit and veggies

        Jell-O's, puddings that don't have to refrigerated

        Dry foods (spaghetti, rice)

        Canned soups / chili

        Dry fruits and Nuts - we added raisins and M&M - are staple "Comfort" food


        Crackers / cookies

        Coffee / tea (they have coffee in tea like bags - just add water!

        Peanut butter and Jelly


        Prepared foods

        Pet Food and Medicine

        Easy food/snacks that don't require cooking

        Noodles in cup - just add water

Must have supplies:


        COPY OF INSURANCE POLICY - their info

        Cell phones

        Drinking water (at least 7 gallons for each person)


        Names and addresses and phone numbers

        Cameras and film for after damages

        Books, games, toys



        Dry Ice (if available)

        Disposable plates, glasses and utensils

        Cooking pots/pans that can be used on grill

        Cooking utensils

        Camping Stove / fuel (if you have one)

        Manual can opener

        Battery operated TV/Radio

        TV with rabbit ears - when cable goes



        Spare batteries

        Flash lights / lanterns-worked great

        Lanterns - that use oil (if you have working ones)

        Toilet paper

        Diapers / wipes

        First aid kit + extras

        Tarps / plastic sheeting

        Duct tape or masking tape

        Nails, Robe, Lumber, Tools

        Plastic garbage bags - heavy duty

        Insect Repellent

        Citronella candles



        Soap / Detergents

        BLEACH for sterilization - unscented with hypochlorite

        Purification tablets

        Rain gear

        Fire Extinguisher

        Fuel - cars / generators if you have

        Propane gas for grills

        Charcoal and lighter fluid

        Weather-proof matches / sterno

Source: / Louisiana Department of Public Safety

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