Better East Texas: School security, the new normal

KLTV/KTRE - School is back in session in most areas, and with the new school year comes a new round of increased security measures.

Thankfully, East Texas schools are being proactive to harden school campuses to prevent unwanted entry and preserve safety for students and faculty alike. Procedures range from increased police presence on campus to new ID systems. Brownsboro ISD is spending $250,000 on multiple new security measures. Lufkin ISD has gone to a fingerprinting system to gain access to campus. Other districts require a picture ID to gain access if you are a visitor.

As much as these are inconveniences, these procedures are a must if we are to treat schools with the highest amount of security possible to deter those who want to take advantage of schools and use them as targets. Our students need to be able to focus on classroom learning and not be worried about their safety on campus.

So, if you have a child in school, make the time to get familiar with your school's safety and security plans. If you need to have a driver's license with you, make sure you have it. Don't be embarrassed because of ignorance on a new system. The time has passed where all we had to do to ready ourselves for the school year was to get the kids to bed earlier and worry about getting used to active school zones again. This is the new normal, but it is necessary to protect our most valuable resource, our children. Let's take care of them and make it a Better East Texas.

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