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09/23/05 – Nacogdoches

Information for Nacogdoches Residents

If you have access to the Internet you can obtain information about preparing for a hurricane by visiting the City of Nacogdoches official Web site

When the heavy rain begins, stay where you are. Do not leave your home, because there will be limited emergency services.

Tonight, Nacogdoches city officials began communicating with residents who live in areas that are prone to flooding, and they will have the opportunity of going to a shelter.

Limit your use of water.

For more information and news, residents inside the City of Nacogdoches can call 936-559-2510.

For residents who live in surrounding Nacogdoches areas, including Briarforest and Sandyland:

If you think your area will flood or you are not prepared for the winds and rain the hurricane will bring, and you want to seek shelter, call your local church first.  Many of them have opened up their church to members.  Or, if you want to find shelter elsewhere you can call 936-559-2024.

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