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Englewood Cleanup

Cleanup and recovery from Hurricane Rita is occurring all over Texas and Louisiana. The degree of cleanup varies from city to city and neighborhood to neighborhood, however, they all have one thing in common, the strong desire to get back to normal.

People armed with chainsaws are tackling jobs bigger than they have seen in a long time. When the hurricane swept through Saturday morning Rene Heintschel watched helplessly as a tree damaged her home. "We saw that crack on the side, then i got all my family and we ran all the way over to the garage because we saw it was going to come this way and when it fell it just shook the whole house and everything, but we couldn't get up there because it was raining so hard and the wind was blowing so we just had to watch the water flow in the house."

Their lives were spared, but Hurricane Rita wreaked havoc on their property. Once the sun came up, Rene and her family were able to see just how much powerful this force had been. Heintschel said, "We've got holes in the roof that are like four feet in diameter. We've got over fifteen holes up there"

Rather than give into despair, they did what thousands of people all over Texas and Louisiana are doing, they grabbed a chainsaw, tarps and rakes and set out restoring order to chaos. "You find out who your real neighbors are," Heintschel commented.

And so once again the hope deep within the human spirit rises to the surface.

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