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09/25/05 - Woodville

Woodville Residents Cleaning Up After The Storm

by Larry Little

Folks in Woodville are recovering after hurricane Rita damage destroyed some of their city, knocking out power for most of them.

Rita hit the town of Woodville with a damaging blow. Trees that stood for years, now lie in the grass it once provided shade for. Powerlines block city streets and some of historic downtown was reduced to rubble.

Fred Sullivan's downtown hardware store, like most places in Woodville, is without power. But the power outage is the least of his concerns. He's surveying storm damage.

"We had some water damage and over in the area where the awnning fell it broke one of the windows"

On Sunday, evacuees and folks who live in the city stood in line to buy food and water from a gas station operating on a generator. Folks who came to the store to buy gas were out of luck, but those who weathered the storm consider themselves lucky.

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