Touring Hurricane-Damaged Areas - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas


Touring Hurricane-Damaged Areas

Texas’ senior senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, today released her observations after touring Hurricane Rita-damaged areas of Texas:

 “Today Director Paulison and I saw the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Rita. Director Paulison was extremely impressed with how the local officials were working together and how effective they were. We saw houses obliterated, trees uprooted and power lines down. 

 “Now that I have seen the damage up close, it is obvious that infrastructure is the biggest problem. Downed power lines and water pumping disruptions are taking a toll on the area. 

 “Port Arthur Mayor Ortiz says he needs food to feed the police and emergency workers. I spoke with state officials and the Red Cross and both assured me food is on the way. The food is stored in Fort Worth and will start to be delivered immediately.

“What struck me immediately was the strong smell of gas in the air. I could smell the gas even from the helicopter. Some of the refineries will probably take several weeks to get up and going.

“Many areas must be rebuilt. I will be working with my fellow leaders in Congress to ensure Texas is taken care of.”

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