Yogis in Nacogdoches experience drums and yoga

Photo: KTRE
Photo: KTRE
Photo: KTRE
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NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Walking away from her first experience with the presence of drums from Sunday's class, Nita Brewer describes the session as quite relaxing. Brewer has been practicing yoga for five years.

"So you have that natural rhythm and you're breathing along with that rhythm," Brewer said.

The idea if fusing yoga poses and drumming has been on instructor Arrie Tucker's mind for a while.

"I've kinda had this is the back of my mind for years. And Casey (Williams) had too and we finally got together and talked about it," Tucker said.

Pairing the musical skills by musician Casey Williams, who also envisioned a class such as this, members who took the class said they enjoyed the addition of the beats from the hang drums.

"It's a melodic percussion instrument, the keys on it are cut, so each key produced a separate tone," Williams said.

Yogis took their stress to the mat to complete a session of yoga and drums at Morning Glory Yoga.

"Often in yoga classes, there's music playing in the background anyway," Tucker said. "But this way there's more control and even somebody kinda watching the room, reading what's happening and shifting the music live, shifting the music to the vibration to the room too."

Both the yoga instructor and the musician hope to plan more events pairing drums and yoga.

"Our intention was just at least for people to enjoy something different, and I hope that was accomplished. I think it was at least by verbal feedback," Williams said.

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