TXU Works Round The Clock Restoring Power

Workers have now cut the number of power outages around East Texas in half. About 30,000 TXU Energy customers are still without power.

Some areas won't have power restored until the end of the week, but most customers will be out of the dark long before then.

Bob Brown of TXU Electric Delivery said, "We are working around the clock. Crews are working from six in the morning until nine at night and then other crews are working from four in the afternoon until seven in the morning, so we're all working around the clock and trying to get everything back on and I'm hoping it's on later this week."

Abitibi Consolidated in Lufkin is housing many out-of-town electrical crews helping with the power outages. The idled paper mill is now a temporary home for dozens of workers.

Abitibi site manager, Delton Smith, said, "We're here to help any way that we can. The community has been real supportive of us in the past and we wanted to pay them back in some way. We were able to work out a relationship with TXU where we can make that happen."

As many as 60,000 TXU Energy customers lost power after Saturday's storm.