FEMA Emergency Supply Distribution

Hundreds of cars lined up to get ice, water and army rations in Nacogdoches. Nobody is being turned away. Elaine Bays came. "I have no electricity. My freezer is thawing out. I'm trying to get some ice."

The ice comes from Missouri. Once in Texas truck drivers got state trooper escorts. Ken Rowell first helped out with Hurricane Katrina. Now he's helping to provide for Hurricane Rita victims. "when I left San Antonio there were over 700 trucks. In Houston another 200. And in Louisiana many, many more. I would guess there are about 4 or 5,000 FEMA trucks running now."

The Kaup couple of Nacogdoches is benefiting from the effort. The homebound couple was without home health care for a weekend. They were scared and sick, but were still thinking of others. "I have a friend in Sabine County who has nothing. Another has a tree across their house. There is no one bringing them anything."

Rural residents are encouraged to coordinate supply needs. Orders for entire communities can be filled from the centralized distribution area. Water supplies are limited for many customers on rural water supplies and with private wells.

A 'boil water' order is in effect for people on the 'Cushing' city water system. And also for people on the 'Central Heights' water system. The water in Central Heights will soon be coming back on. When it does boil your water for at least two minutes before using it.

Central heights residents take it in stride. "We stocked up on bottled water and got some rain water. It's inconvenient,but you just learn to live with it until they get the water back on," said one business person.

The City of Nacogdoches is providing the community with bottled water. Cases of water are being handed out at the Central Heights school.

Meanwhile any person in need can get supplies at the main distribution site. The FEMA supplies will be distributed again Tuesday from 9pm to 6pm at the Hoya Soccer Fields off Pilar street in Nacogdoches.