Manhunt underway for suspect who entered woman's house, stared at her from woods in Cherokee County

CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Officials in Cherokee County are searching for a suspect who allegedly entered Teresa Ferguson's house while she was not home and was later seen staring at her from the woods.

According to the Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell, the search began Wednesday night in the area off of Highway 21, east of f Alto. He said they received a call from Ferguson who reported that she had seen a man run out of her house and into the nearby wooded area.

"I just took a step in and the man was standing in my dining room," Ferguson said. "When I stepped out, I started backing out because he took off running through the front door."

After Ferguson contacted the sheriff's office, they began searching for the suspect.

Moments after the deputies left her home, Ferguson saw the suspect staring at her from the woods.

"I turned around and the same man was looking at me," Ferguson said. "I went back in my house, got my gun and just started shooting."

The sheriff's office continued the search, calling in Texas Department of Criminal Justice dogs to aid with finding the suspect. Officials searched for about two hours for the suspect but couldn't locate him. Campbell said they think he fled the scene on a 4-wheeler.

Ferguson told KTRE she was going to continue staying in her home.

"I'll fight you for my house," Ferguson said. "If I leave or allow somebody to run me away, it's like saying they can have my home. I won't do that."

Campbell said the search is still ongoing.

Sheriff officials said the suspect can be identified as a white male wearing a white shirt and khaki pants.

If you have any information, you are asked to call the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office.

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