Traffic Flow Steady On Major Highways

Major highways affected by Hurricane Rita are open and flowing relatively smoothly through southeast Texas but motorists are cautioned that some areas are still off limits.  Evacuees should also make safety their top priority during their return trips home.

            While the traffic flow is returning to normal, motorists are reminded that the traffic volume is high and much of the area remains without gasoline, electrical power, air conditioning, sanitary plumbing, and other amenities.  Those returning home should be prepared for certain hardships resulting from the lack of goods and services.  Many traffic signals are also still inactive due to the lack of electrical power.

            Highway conditions are as follows:

·        All roads south of U.S. 190 and east of State Highway 146 are closed.

·        S.H. 87 is open to north and southbound traffic to I-10. Detours onto Farm-to-Market roads are not allowed.

·        U.S. 96 is open as far as Buna.  Detours onto FM roads are not allowed.

TxDOT encourages motorists to drive friendly and safely during their return trips home.  Travel information is available by calling (800) 452-9292.