City Issues Update on Hurricane Rita

The Department of Emergency Management of the City of Nacogdoches has announced the following updates on issues concerning Hurricane Rita:


·        Shelter operations continue in Nacogdoches, currently housing approximately 2,400 evacuees, 246 of these being special needs patients. Currently there are 8 city shelters that are open.

·        TXU Electric has indicated to city staff that Nacogdoches customers should have power restored by Friday.

·        Distribution of drinking water, potable ice and meals will continue at the City Soccer Complex on Pilar Street at Rulfs Street from 9:00 AM-6:00 PM daily until further notice.

·        Collection of storm debris is continuing inside the city. Nacogdoches residents are instructed to place brush by the curb for pick up. Construction debris, appliances and other items should not be placed with brush. Debris that is to be picked up should not be placed near utility poles, guy wires or fire hydrants.

·        Citizens are urged to use extreme caution when using portable generators for power. Generators with combustion engines give off carbon monoxide, a tasteless, odorless, invisible gas that can be deadly. Generators should be placed outside and well ventilated. They should not be placed within three feet of another combustible item, such as a wall or vehicle. Persons using generators to energize their homes directly should be certain that the main electrical circuit into their homes is turned “off” at the meter, to prevent energizing power lines elsewhere.



·        Residents of the Central Heights water system are advised to boil all water prior to use for drinking, making ice, or cooking. Water should be brought to a vigorous boil, and boiled for two minutes prior to use.

·        There are still trees and limbs on some power lines within the city. Residents should not attempt to remove or move these items from power lines, as some may still be energized. Please wait for power crews.

·        The Nacogdoches Police Department urges citizens to travel only when absolutely necessary. Reports indicate heavy traffic within the city and in some instances this traffic is hampering the work of city and utility crews.

·        The City telephone bank remains open for citizens to call for information concerning city services. The number for this bank is 559-2510.

·        City garbage collection continues to operate on schedule, as normal.


The City of Nacogdoches Emergency Operations Center continues to operate around the clock to manage this incident.