Weather FAQ - Hurricanes

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

September is the most active month for Hurricanes and Tropical Storms to occur. When the tropics are active, we often get questions about historical hurricane data. 2005 has been an active year for Tropical systems. We have already had 17 named storms to date, nine of which were hurricanes.

        What is the average number of hurricanes per year? Answer: 5.8 hurricanes; 10.1 named storms

        What year had the most named storms? Answer: 21, in 1983

        When did the earliest and latest hurricanes occur? Answer: Earliest: Alma June 9, 1966; Latest: November 25, 1925 (un-named hurricane)

        How many direct hits by hurricanes of various categories have affected each state?
-Thirty-six percent of all U.S. hurricanes hit Florida;
-Seventy-six percent of category 4 or higher hurricanes have hit either Florida or Texas;
-Approximately half the hurricanes to strike the middle Gulf coast, southern Florida and New York were major hurricanes.