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09/28/05 - Nacogdoches

Emergency Supplies Distributed In The Country

by Donna McCollum

Instead of a fire brigade, it's an ice brigade. Deputies, volunteer fire fighters and residents distribute ice, water and food to those in need.

Truck driver Ernest Wadell of Texarkana helped out with hurricane Katrina. Now he's delivering supplies for those in Hurricane Rita. "We've been to all the volunteer fire department, area schools and some grocery stores. Just anywhere where these folks can easily pick up what they need."

There are four routes across all parts of Nacogdoches County. Bases are set up at volunteer fire departments. From there firefighters walk the back roads making sure everyone knows ice has arrived.

Lake Nacogdoches volunteer firefighter Raymond Murillo said, "It makes me feel good knowing I'm providing what they need."

The advertisement on the bags of ice reads, 'Party Ice', but this is no party. For most residents in need the ice is extremely valuable.

Thanks to Kay Luna, her neighbor Clara Keller now knows she will get ice whenever she needs it. She's lost several freezers of food. Ice might save the rest. "There's no word how I feel. This is wonderful. Now if only I could get a generator to help mother." Clara's mother is 95 years old, disabled and trying to cope in an unairconditioned mobile home.

Luna says she'll help distribute the emergency supplies as long as they're available and as along as there is a need and as long as there are people doing the neighborly thing.

Nacogdoches County residents can go to their volunteer fire departments and area schools for the free supplies. Deliveries will be made as long as possible. Meanwhile, distributions continue at the Nacogdoches City soccer fields.

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