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09/28/05 - Lufkin

Pockets Without Power

by Jessica Cervantez

Dollie Green, a Lufkin resident who lives on Slack Street, is still without power.

Green said, "My daughter got hers, my son got his in Hudson, my other daughter got hers in Huntington.

Green is the only one in her family still without power, and she doesn't understand why.

Green said, "I'm right here, but I can't understand why everyone else has it, in the city."

Bob Bowman, from TXU Electric, said, "If they can get a lot of lights on, by cutting some places off and then coming back later, then they do that. And I think that is what's frustrating, because we have driven by, but there maybe 2 or three poles down."

Many of the places without power, are located in pockets around area cities and counties. TXU has now sent concentrated crews to those places to help.

For now, Dollie will continue using her generator. She is happy to see crews fixing nearby phone lines. But she's still waiting for the power guys.

Green said, "I was told that they would have someone here at 1 o'clock today, but it didn't happen yet, but at least the phone line is back, that's good."

TXU expects that 99.9% of their customers will have power by the middle of the weekend. If you don't have power yet, you can call TXU to make sure they know.

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