Restless In Rivercrest - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

09/29/05 - Angelina County

Restless In Rivercrest

by Ramonica R. Jones

Rivercrest is small, quiet, and sits in between Lufkin and Nacogdoches. Like a lot of other communities, the area is still cluttered with fallen trees and storm debris.

But unlike other communities, Rivercrest residents say they haven't gotten much help.

John Justus said, "We got a lot of elderly people down here that's on oxygen machines and they got heart machines - stuff they got to keep hooked up. My mama, she got that heart murmur; we got quite a few people down here that just can't survive it."

There are dozens of homes in Rivercrest still without electricity. It's been almost a week since the power went out.

Steve Lawrence, TXU Electric Delivery senior lineman, said, "Just depends on the situation we come to - sometimes we can get it on in a few minutes, sometimes it takes hours. We've been working on this circuit since Sunday, and this is one of the biggest circuits we got, customer wise."

Water wells and treatment plants - not electricity - have been the top priority because the community was running low on water. But the people in Rivercrest also have other, water, ice, and other supplies.

Justus said, "We got a few people that run some of these stores and stuff, we get a little bit from them. That's pretty much all we've been getting."

But a little bit of help doesn't always go a long way.

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