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09/29/05 - San Augustine County

A Family Loses Everything

by Jessica Cervantez

This San Augustine family lost a lot in the storm. Not much is left of the house they were staying in when Rita came through. Three Poindexter families live on the same road.

Ollie Poindexter, of San Augustine County, said, "We could feel the trailer start to come loose. We saw our sister's coming a part, my mother and father, have health problems, we got them to the car and made it to the neighbors."

Now, the family is trying to figure out what to do. Their parents lost their home, his sister lost hers, and they also have a lot of damage.

Poindexter said, "We moved some stuff around, the ceiling is starting to fall and the carpet is wet, there's like three inches of rain standing on the floor of the trailer."

FEMA representatives did stop by and took pictures of the damage. The Poindexters hope their county will be considered a disaster area so they can get federal help. But in the meantime, they're trying to keep their heads up.

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