National Red Cross Sets Up Headquarters

by Jessica Cervantez

The Red Cross headquarters will probably stay in Lufkin for a while. Volunteers from all over the country are in East Texas. They are busy loading up their trucks to head out and deliver food.

Hugh Quinn, the shelter coordinator for Red Cross in East Texas, said, "Our goal is to help run the shelters. We hear a lot of the shelters are opened up by the community organizations, which is fantastic, we are now better prepared to better manage those shelters at their request."

Even with 60 volunteers, there is a lot of work to be done. Just Thursday, the Red Cross served about 10-thousand meals in Lufkin and more food is on the way.

Quinn said, "In a few days, it will a be a multi-million dollar business that we're operating here, to support the needs."

Everyone has their own job, from communication logistics to mental health. The Red Cross covers a lot of areas. And with East Texas shelters trying to close down, they hope to find some long term shelters to move evacuees. But doing that, won't be easy.

Quinn said, "We're still looking for other good size facilities. Red cross will manage it, we're just looking for that type of resource, because a lot of people want to go back to normal business."

Right now, Red Cross workers are taking care of immediate needs all over East Texas. But, they hope to start helping individuals soon.

"Red Cross is still in the mass care phase, we do have a plan that we want to announce in the near future, for family assistance, we're not ready for that yet," Quinn said.