Power Updates

Power companies are bending the rules to get power restored around East Texas. Isolated power grids designed to prevent massive blackouts can now be crossed. 'Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative's' power source is normally 'Entergy'. At this time 'Entergy' is unable to supply power. The Co-op contacted 'TXU Electric Delivery' for permission to obtain power from its power source, 'ERCOT'.

As a result two transmission stations should be up and running after ten miles of line between Huntington and Etoile are cleared of debris. Those communities should have power by Saturday.

Deep East Texas Cooperative

Nacogodches County: 3% without power
Newton County: 85% without power
Jasper & Sabine Counties: 60% without power
Shelby County: 6% without power

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative http://www.sheco.net/weather/emergency.htm

Angelina, Jasper, Liberty, Polk, Trinity, San Jacinto, Tyler & Walker Counties: 25,870 members without power

TXU Electric Delivery

Nacogdoches & Angelina counties: 100% by Saturday is the goal

All electric customers prepare for future outages. Falling limbs now stuck in trees could fall into restored lines creating temporary outages.