Woodville Resident Faces Setbacks After Rita

by Larry Little

Folks living in Deep East Texas felt Rita's wrath one week ago. One Woodville woman suffered a double blow.

It's difficult for Maria to smile through her pain. When hurricane Rita swept through Woodville, it destroyed her home.

"Yesterday, I saw my house. It is a lot of damage over there. Some houses don't have roofs," says Maria Shcala.

Maria had to sleep outside for two nights before finding shelter at the United Methodist Church. The real blow came when she received a call from a Jasper hospital trying to evacuate her mom.

"I'm feeling a little bit sad because my mom passed away on Friday when the hurricane started, and I've been here because I don't have lights and the water is bad right now," says Maria.

Red Cross took care of expenses for Maria's trip to lay her mother to rest but, now, she's left with a funeral bill she doesn't know how she will pay. Folks at the United Methodist Church aren't only providing people with a place to live, they are providing emotional support.

Maria says her faith will get her through her heartache from hurricane Rita and the heartbreak of losing her mother.

Maria will have to find a place to live soon. The shelter closes Thursday.