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10/03/05 - Lufkin

East Texas Students Go Back To School

by Ramonica R. Jones

Monday's attendance at Lufkin Middle School was above 98 percent; that's better than the original first day of school back in August.

After nearly a week and a half of cancelled classes, it didn't take long for kids to get back in the swing of things. There were also some new faces on campus.

The HOPE Center was a temporary school registration center for Rita evacuees.

L.M.S. principal, Vickie Evans, said, "We are registering the students that are in the long-term shelters. We know that there are students that are staying in private homes throughout the city and we have registered those as well."

All cancelled class days in the Lufkin school district will be waived, so students won't have to make up missed classwork. But administrators and school principals will meet Tuesday to talk about preparations for the TAKS exam.

"Because we have lost seven days of instruction time, we are meeting now with our teachers to try to compact our instruction, but the TAKS test will be given at the regularly scheduled time. Every day of school is important, so we're encouraging our own parents to make sure that they're students come to school."

Backpacks and school supplies have already been donated to Rita evacuees starting school in the Lufkin I.S.D. Administrators say they plan to do everything possible to get them the clothes they need as well.

More than 50 Rita evacuees registered for schools Monday in the Lufkin I.S.D. Some of them even started classes Monday morning.

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