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10/03/05 - Nacogdoches County

Nacogdoches County Employees Gets Compensated For Overtime Worked

by Jessica Cervantez

Nacogdoches County commissioners met to discuss overtime. Road and bridge workers, the Nacogdoches County sheriff's department, and other county employees put in thousands of dollars worth of overtime in helping with the storms and their aftermath.

County Judge Sue Kennedy, said, "We had lots of deputies from the sheriff's department working security at the shelters with Katrina. Then with Rita we had a lot of road and bridge employees putting in a lot of overtime and other county workers."

The extra hours worked began on August 31st with employees aiding the Katrina evacuees and added up to more than $119-thousand. The good news is the county has the extra money to pay their employees.

They will take the money out of the salaried budget. Judge Kennedy said when a position becomes vacant it takes awhile to fill, so they used the money from those salaried.

As shelters are closing, employees are glad things are beginning to get back to normal, even for the county judge.

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