Some Etoile Residents Struggling Without Power

by Jessica Cervantez

While thousands of East Texans now have power, the Humphreys in Etoile does not. They can't even get in and out of their driveway, because of a power line that is blocking the entrance.

Jerry Humphreys said, "Right now, I'm having to go around my dad's place up, drive up and around to even get on the highway."

But, actually, that is the least of the Humphreys' worries. They have been without power for two weeks. Although they do have a generator, it is costing about $35 a day for a family who is on a fixed income. Plus, the heat is taking a toll on their disabled daughter.

Humphreys said, "I'm hoping we don't have to do it too much longer. My daughter is in bad shape, she has multiple disabilities, and I'm worried about her."

They had hope, when they saw crews Wednesday evening.

"They tried to put this line back up, but right up the road, there's still trees on the line, and they couldn't lift it up to get it back up there." Humphreys said.

So for now, they are having to deal with cold showers, the hot weather, and indoor pets who are getting restless in the heat.

"Hurry up, get us some power back on, because we're about to die out here," Humphreys said.

The Deep East Texas Electric Co-op said they had crews working the Etoile area. There are still about 300 customers without power. They hope by this weekend the power will be restored, but it could take up to a week long.