Hot, Dry Conditions Make Burning Debris Dangerous - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

10/06/05 - Lufkin

Hot, Dry Conditions Make Burning Debris Dangerous

by Ramonica R. Jones

Hurricane Rita brought a lot of rain to East Texas, but it wasn't enough to improve the drought conditions. It is still very hot and dangerously dry. That's why burning is not recommended.

Fire Marshal Duane Freeman said, "At this point, our position in the city limits of Lufkin is still that there should be no outdoor burning. Limbs, leaves, and yard waste should be bagged or cut up and placed at curbside and the city will pick those materials up."

If you can't wait for a pick up, be careful before you burn, and never walk away from a still-smoldering fire.

Diana Reck, fire prevention specialist, said, "Always have water and some tools handy if anything does get out of control. Always be there while you're burning if you are gonna do a burn."

If you still have a yard full of debris, be patient. The city has not forgotten about you.

"It is going to be a long-term process because of the amount of material that's down," said Freeman. "If you're concerned that it's not being picked up, then we advise you to contact the Solid Waste Department and get direction from them on the time frame that it will be picked up."

Workers are on the street daily, sawing trees from roof tops and cleaning up storm damage. It only took Rita a day to cause so much damage, but getting rid of it will take a little longer.

Whether or not there is a burn ban in effect for Angelina County, city officials do not want people to burn debris in the city limits.

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