Red Cross Help

by Jessica Cervantez

More than 13-hundred storm victims were in downtown Lufkin today, trying to get financial assistance from Red Cross.

The lines were long, but they moved fast. That made the storm victims happy, because they desperately need help.

Karen McNeely, a Tyler County resident, said, "My husband and I both got paid the day before we evacuated. Our money is totally gone, we bought gas, gas for the generators, food. It was almost $2-thousand totally gone."

McNeely waited three hours to register for assistance. Her county hasn't even been declared a disaster area yet.

Don Cody, with Red Cross, said, "We are encouraging them to go ahead and apply, and we'll hold their application, and once it's declared a disaster area, then they can get their money."

The Red Cross realizes it's not a lot of money, but it's something. Individually, victims can get about $350. Up to five family members can apply. Evacuees are thankful for every bit of help they can get.

Lisa Weidemfield, a Port Arthur resident, said, "You have to leave a lot of things behind and it helps a lot until you can get back home."

Red Cross expects to be just as busy Friday, and they will continue to be here until they're no longer needed.