Cots Moved Out For Basketball

The City of Nacogdoches is officially out of the 'shelter business'. Since August 29th the Nacogdoches Recreation Center and library have been a home for hurricane evacuees.

The last evacuees to live there are at Kelly USA in San Antonio, New Life Worship Center in Lufkin or they have returned home. As soon as they left work began to return the recreation center back to its 'original' purpose.

Kathy Joslyn is ready to shed her Shelter Coordinator title and return to her original job as Director of Recreation "We hope to have the facility cleaned up in another week or so and there are some repairs to be made, but we're ready to get rocking and rolling back in the business doing recreation and parks and taking care of the citizens of Nacogdoches."

Registration for fall classes will begin Monday. Those who registered for the first session will be rolled over into the upcoming session. Also the Nacogdoches Public Library has reopened after being closed since September 22nd.