Missing Evacuee Found In Lufkin

Volunteers say it's not hard to get emotionally attached when trying to help Hurricane Rita evacuees. So when they heard about a missing elderly evacuee, they wanted to help out any way they could.

The man they were looking for is Sam Pate, an 87 year-old Port Arthur resident who was staying in Lufkin.

Pate has moved to several different shelters, so finding him wasn't an easy task.  Dr. Dan Cody was one of the people responsible for locating Pate. "Mr. Pate was going by a nickname, "Pops." We knew he was somewhere around, but not where," Cody said.

Today, the Lufkin Red Cross notified Pate's family that he's safe and sound in a Lufkin hotel. Dr. Cody said, "He's made many friends. [Mr. Pate is] a very lovely man and we are certainly glad we could do the reuniting with his family."

Mr. Pate says he was never worried because, "I put my trust in that man above." Pate also said that he's had a great time staying here in Lufkin, but is ready to get back to Port Arthur so he can get back to his morning exercise routine and driving his Pontiac around town.