Evacuee Family Moves Into Local Hotel

For over two weeks, Alan Yatts and his family camped out in tents that have been their home away from home.

Glenda Yatts says, "The first day we got here, I cried all day. I wasn't used to it. Away from home, it was rough."

Eight-year-old Jasmine Yatts says she was excited about staying in the tent, but that got old really fast. She said it was, "kind of fun, but...it hurt out back."

Everyday, Alan and his family would sit outside the tent and look across at the Holiday Inn. Whether it was wishful thinking or not, it paid off. Thanks to help from FEMA, the Yatts family moved into the Holiday Inn.

Glenda was ecstatic about the move. "It felt good," she said. Even though she lost everything, she says she feels a little better staying in the hotel.

The only problem is her grandchildren just can't make up their minds on what they want to do. "They didn't want to stay in the motel, they wanted to come back to the tents," Glenda said.