Not Everyone Unhappy With Shelter Conditions - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

10/09/05 - Lufkin

Not Everyone Unhappy With Shelter Conditions

Many people in East Texas are still talking about a story we aired last week when several evacuees complained about living conditions at a local shelter. Today, the East Texas News went back to the Pentecostal Campgrounds to talk with some other people about the living conditions.

One man who has stayed at the campgrounds for the past few weeks is Joseph Henry Narcisse. When he was asked about the living conditions he said, "It's been nice up in here where I've been staying over. They take care of people. Anything get out of place, they straighten it out."

Charles Davis with the Red Cross says that the people at the campgrounds, "have been forced to come here. There is stress associated with that. We have tried to make it as comfortable as possible. Some dissatisfaction can be expected."

Mr. Narcisse says, even though the campgrounds aren't a home, it's as close to a home as he can get right now. "If things weren't good right now, I'd be gone. But, hey, things are good."

The Pentecostal Campgrounds have about 75 evacuees living there right now, but it could be one of the main shelters as others begin to close.

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