Girls Recovering From "Chicken"

It's often a scene in a movie, but the consequences of playing Chicken are very real. Playing Chicken is a game full of risks, almost like Russian Roulette on the road.

DPS trooper Greg Sanches said, 'It's something that's very, very unsafe; not only dangerous for the person lying in the roadway, but also dangerous for the car driver that could lose control and run off the road and have an accident at the same time."

Jennah Becker was at a sleep over Friday night with her best friend when someone suggested a game of Chicken. Jennah had never heard of the game before, but went along with it anyway.

"There was two girls in the one lane and the car was coming toward them, so me and the other girl decided to lay in the two middle lanes," Becker said. "We thought it wasn't gonna hit us, so I guess the girl jumped and the car swerved and missed them two, and it hit me and [my friend]."

Jennah was knocked unconscious after being hit. She's left with painful reminders of what happened.

"I broke my shoulder and collapsed my lung, and I have a bruised heart and I lost some teeth and [there are] holes in my lip."

Her friend ended up with a damaged spleen, but both girls will be okay. Authorities don't know who ran them over, or if the driver even knew what happened.

Witnesses say the driver was in a black Expedition with shiny rims.

Standing or lying in the middle of the road is a crime, but authorities say both girls have already paid a high enough price for breaking the law.