Various Ways Of Getting Rid Of Storm Debris

By the end of the week Nacogdoches residents should no longer see streets lined with piles of brush left from Hurricane Rita. As many as seven crews expect to complete the first round of branch and limb pickup by that time.

Normally the city picks up about 30,000 yards of brush a year. That will easily double. About 20,000 yards of it sits on the ground now. The debris will be chipped and sold to a company that resells it for fuel wood. The process works in getting rid of storm debris, but the city never recovers its expenses.

Residents living in the country often resort to burning storm debris. Nacogdoches County commissioners did not lift the burn ban in their county. Instead they let it expire. The ban expired on October 6th. Another ban has not been adopted, but the commission will consider doing so on Monday.

Anyone who chooses to burn should do so carefully. Conditions are dry. An unattended fire can spread quickly.