Employees Of Local Nursing Home Concerned

by Larry Little

A nurse at a Lufkin retirement home claims patients are not getting the treatment they need because of a staffing problem. A staffing problem they say has affected the workers and the patients.

Retha Brown works as a certified nurse at Castle Pines Health and Rehab Center in Lufkin.

"Castle Pines is a good place to work."

Ms. Brown says though she likes her job at Castle Pines, there are a few things about how they operate that disturb her.

"We are short staffed and it is very hard to work when you are short staffed... when you don't have the right amount of people because the patients there pay good money to live there and it's not right for them to get neglected."

Brown says she and other employees work numerous hours of overtime every week but it's become overwhelming to the patients and employees.

"There are patients there that have to be fed, those who need to get up out the bed, you can't be a patient and just stay in the bed all day... you pay good money you want to go eat with everybody else, that's my concern. If you are working short staffed you can't get that right care."

Brown says she is so concerned she will file a complaint with the state.

We spoke with manager Floria Washington at Castle Pines to verify the complaint.

She says it's not true and that's all they can comment on. Brown says she's not a disgruntled employee but concerned about the elderly in their golden years.

Again folks at Castle Pines deny that there is a staffing problem. But we would like to get their side of this developing story.