Administrators Say Nursing Home Is Not Understaffed

A disgruntled former employee--that's how Castle Pines owners describe a certified nurse's aide who claims the nursing home doesn't have enough workers to provide quality care to the patients there. She reportedly starting making the allegations after having a fight with her supervisor last week.

Ron Haney, co-owner of Castle Pines, said, "We're local owners. The folks in this building are our neighbors, our relatives, and our friends. As such, we have a commitment to make sure that they receive the highest quality of care and services possible."

Administrators say Castle Pines is the number one ranked staffing facility in Lufkin, but you don't have to take their word for it. Their proof is on a state Web site.

"We'd like you to look at the Department of Aging and Disability Services Web site and go under the 'Nursing Home Compare' link, and you will clearly see that we are the number one rated facility in town."

Castle Pines has only been operating about two years. The center has about 100 patients and a staff of more than 26 attending physicians.

The nursing home issued the following statement:

The disgruntled former employee, who is not a nurse and is falsely represented as such, is not representative of the excellent nursing staff and administration of which we are very proud.

Castle Pines is a locally owned and operated facility that maintains pay rates at the very top of the scale and direct care staffing ratios above the other nursing facilities in Lufkin.