Deadly Wreck Blocks Lufkin Intersection - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

10/17/05 - Lufkin

Deadly Wreck Blocks Lufkin Intersection

by Ramonica R. Jones

A Lufkin woman is dead after the car she was driving got crushed by an 18-wheeler early Monday morning in Lufkin. Witnesses said 57-year-old Martha Russell of Lufkin was headed west on Denman Avenue when she ran a red light and crashed into a Freightliner.

The truck was headed south on Timberland Drive and had almost cleared the intersection when Russell ran into it. Her car went underneath the 18-wheeler and was crushed by the truck's wheels.

Fifty-one year-old Ronald Swendson of Temple was hauling 15,000 pounds of plastic pails when the wreck happened. He was not hurt.

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