A Family Struggle

by Jessica Cervantez

A Jasper family is dealing with heartache and confusion. Just two months ago, a mother of two was diagnosed with Lupus. During the battle of the disease, the family also battled Hurricane Rita. While escaping Rita with hardly any destruction, they lost the battle to Lupus.

Nazaria Lizardia, the five-year-old daughter, can recall many memories of her mother, Marcela. She has been told the story of her mom and dad, Claudio, who married 11 years ago in Argentina. As Nazaria looks at pictures, she holds onto memories of her mother, who lost her battle to Lupus at the age of 28.

Nazaria said, "She was a great mother. We did everything she said, anything."

While the five-year-old speaks openly about her mother, her brother, Nahuel, has kept to himself. Dad is doing what he can to stay strong for the family.

Claudio says it has been tough. After a two month struggle, he lost the mother of his children, his wife, his best friend. When Hurricane Rita struck, Marcela was sent to a Longview hospital. The family waited out the storm in Jasper, because it was too late to evacuate. When they finally had a chance to visit their mom, she was already too sick.

Now, they are just trying to pick up the pieces.

The family is trying to get Marcela's body back to her home country in Argentina, or trying to get Marcela's parents to the states from Argentina. The family has set up a fund at First Bank and Trust in Jasper if you would like to help.