The Party is on in Houston

Jubiliant fans celebrate trip to World Series

HOUSTON (AP) _ Astros fans wildly danced, cheered and ran into

the arms of total strangers tonight as Houston beat St. Louis

5-to-1 to win the franchise's first trip to the World Series.

A crowd of several thousand gathered in a downtown parking lot

on a breezy, balmy night to watch the deciding Game Six projected

onto the side of a building.

Some fans waiting for just the right moment unrolled a banner

that read, "Go Astros -- World Series here we come."

Television cameras prompted a few revelers to rip off their

shirts and twirl them like towels.

Somewhere in the chaos, a fan started beating a portable drum

and triggered a mass chant of "Houston, Houston."

The only immediate disturbance appeared to be two soaked fans

climbing on a traffic light. A police officer on horseback pulled

one of the men down, and the other climbed down.