Windy City vs Bayou City

White Sox and Astros put futility behind

UNDATED (AP) _ Windy City versus Bayou City.

Deep dish pizza versus Texas barbecue.

They have one historic theme in common: decades of futility.

And one current trait that got them to where they are: deep

starting pitching.

White Sox vice chairman Eddie Einhorn says -- quote -- "All the

frustration, it's been worth the wait. It's a generation-long wait.

I mean, that's a long wait."

Starting Saturday night, Chicago hosts the World Series for the

first time since 1959, back when there were just 16 teams, no

divisions, no wild cards, no designated hitters -- and no Houston


Before the Astros beat the Cardinals 5-to-1 tonight to win the

N-L pennant, White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle (BUR'-lee) says --

quote -- "St. Louis has a better offense, but Houston has a better

pitching staff. Either way you look at it, it's not going to be