Storm Victims Angry With Disaster Relief Agencies

Woodville resident Margaret Bourg said, "I'm going to file a complaint or a disagreement because I want somebody else to come out and explain to me how $4,700 is going to fix my home, because I have no other way of doing anything other than FEMA."

Margaret Bourg is mad at FEMA, but Gary Nelson has issues with the Red Cross. He helped organize Friday's protest against the agency.

"They promised that they would send us a debit card and it'd take three or four days, and we waited and waited and waited and we never did get one," said Nelson. "They told me that we had to re-sign up."

Tyler County's emergency management coordinator told us Red Cross volunteers were probably scared off after seeing fliers around town announcing a protest against them. There was a protest, but only a handful of people showed up.

"Everybody is hurting and hurting bad," Nelson said. "We're not out here to stop anybody from getting anything, we're out here trying to help them get what Red Cross promised them."

Red Cross is gone for good from Woodville. Now, Tyler County residents have to go all the way to Silsbee or Livingston for assistance. Red Cross centers in those locations will be able to give them the help they need.

If you live in Tyler County, you can also get help from the Red Cross by calling 1-800-GET-INFO.

If you were contacted about qualifying for a debit card, you will be re-contacted about having the card mailed to you instead of picking it up.